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Tranexamic acid, ampoule

Gelofusin (INN Gelatin agents), vial

Atropine, ampoule

Povidone-iodine, vial

Meropenem, vial

Fentanyl, ampoule

Fraxiparine, ampoule, pre-filled syringes (INN Nadroparin)

Diazepam, ampoule

Atracurium, ampoule

Trimeperidine (Promedol), ampoule

Insulin, ampoule, pre-filled syringe

Naloxone, ampoule

Methylthioninium chloride/methylene blue, vial

Ondansetron, ampoule, vial

Adrenaline, ampoule

Autoinjector (ATNAA, DuoDote, MARK I)

Ambroxol, vial

Amikacin, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial

Amiodarone, tablet

Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid, tablet

Acetylcysteine, tablet, sachet

Aciclovir, tablet

Vancomycin, vial

Haloperidol, tablet

Heparin, ampoule, vial

Gidazepam, tablet

Hydrocortisone, ampoule

Hydroxyethylstarch, vial

Gliclazide, tablet

Glimepiride, tablet

Glucose, vial

Hemostatic sponge, ampoule

Dexketoprofen trometamol, ampoule

Dexpanthenol, ointment, spray

Diclofenac, tablet

Dithylin (Suxamethonium), ampoule

Dopamine, ampoule

Drotaverine, ampoule

Enoxaparin, ampoule, pre-filled syringes

Etamsylate, ampoule

Parenteral nutrition, amino acid solutions, vial

Balanced electrolyte solution (electrolytes), vial

Isosorbide dinitrate, tablet

Imipenem + cilastatin, vial

Ketorolac, solution for injection, ampoule

Anti-cold comb drug Fervex, sachet (INN Paracetamol, combinations excl.

Anti-cold comb drug Fervex, tablet (INN Paracetamol, combinations excl.

Silicium dioxide, tablet

Levofloxacin solution, vial

Lidocaine, ampoule

Loperamide, tablet

Mannitol, vial

Mesaton (Phenylephrine), ampoule

Metamizole sodium (Analgin) 50% - 2.0 solution for injection, ampoule

Metoclopramide, ampoule

Metoprolol, tablet

Metronidazole, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial

Metformin, tablet

Morphine, ampoule

Nitroglycerin, tablet

Nitrofurantoin, tablet

Novocain 0.5% - 5.0 solution, ampoule

Ondansetron, tablet

Paracetamol, vial

Propranolol, tablet

Pralidoxime 200 mg

Hartman’ s solution/Ringer's lactate solution, vial

Salbutamol, spray

Magnesium sulfate, ampoule

Theophylline, ampoule

Thiopental, ampoule

Thiosulfate, ampoule

Tramadol, tablet

Furosemide, ampoule

Chlorhexidine, vial

Potassium chloride, ampoule, vial

Sodium chloride, ampoule, vial

Chloropyramine, tablet

Cetirizine, tablet

Cefepime, vial

Ceftriaxone, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial



Syringes with needles (different volumes)

Alcohol wipes, number of units

Non-sterile medical bandage, any size, number of units

System for transfusion of infusion solutions, number of units

Napkins medical sterile, number of units

Wipes, number of units

Wet wipes, number of units

Test strips for blood glucometers, number of units

Insulin syringes, number of units

Catheters for peripheral veins (different sizes), number of units

Medical bandage large sterile, number of units

Hydrogel anti-burn bandage of different sizes, number of units

Medical elastic bandage of medium stretch, number of units

Elastic tubular bandage different sizes, number of units

Needles for insulin pen syringes, number of units

Set for catheterization of the bladder, number of units

Central vein catheterization kits, number of units

External fixation device, number of units

Immobilization tires of various types and sizes, number of units

Stomach wash kit, number of units

Tracheal intubation kit, number of units

Kits for lumbar puncture, number of units

Set for drainage of the pleural cavity, number of units

Tracheostomy set, number of units

Set for intraosseous access, number of units

Traction tire, number of units

Pathologoanatomic bags, number of units


Spatulas wooden or plastic, number of units

Headlamp, number of units

Medical thermometer, number of units

Set of surgical instruments, number of units

Tripods for droppers, number of units

Tonometer, number of units

Pulse oximeter for two parameters, number of units

Ladder (wire) splint different sizes, number of units

Sanitary stretchers, number of units



Anesthesia machine (anesthesia and respiratory system)

Ultrasound diagnostic device

The device of artificial ventilation of lungs

Vacuum aspirator


Electrocoagulation device

Infusion volumetric pump

Capnograph / CO2 monitor

Laryngoscope with blades of different sizes

Patient monitor

Portable light source for patient examination

Portable breathing apparatus for adults and children

Wound VAC

Consumables for the wound VAC


Portable dosimeter to measure alpha, beta and gamma waves

Searching dosimeter-radiometer

Stationary gamma spectrometer with semiconductor detector

Luminometer with sets of consumables (cotton swabs)

Chemical sampling kit

Aspirator for air sampling

Portable multicomponent gas analyzers

Mercury analyzer

Combustible gas detector

Ammonia gas analyzer

Chlorine analyzer

Formaldehyde and toluene detector

Analyzer for chemical analysis of drinking water

Multifunctional system for electromagnetic field analysis

Multifunctional system for noise and vibration analysis

Gas analyzer for express analysis of atmospheric air (formaldehyde, phenol,

Equipment set for express field analysis of water on-site (hydrogen index

Devices for chemical welfare monitoring and field indication of chemicals

Automated system for sanitary and bacteriological tests or microbiological
analyzer to measure and indicate microorganisms in various objects (with cartridges)

Detector ChemPro100i

Detector AP4C Proengin


M8 - CHEM detector

M9 - CHEM detector

Priority 1. Molecular genetic and toxicological laboratory

Genetic DNA analyzer / sequencer

Automatic sample preparation system


Real-time PCR system

Identification system

Set of laboratory furniture

Gas chromatograph

Mass spectrometer



Personal protective equipment

Medical masks, number of units

Protective gowns, number of units

Chemical respirators, number of units

Chemical protection suit, number of units (in the kit)

Respirator (gas mask) - M53A1 Mask, number of units

Gas mask filter C2A1 or CF50 canisters

Decontaminants (concentrate) for CBRN materials

RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit)


Tactical first aid kit

Individual first-aid kits like IFAK, kits like IPOK:

Mechanical products to stop bleeding (SWAT, SOFT, CAT tourniqets)

Non-sterile nitrile medical gloves (L or XL size), number of units

Adhesive plaster bactericidal different sizes, number of units

Sterile medical bandage, any size, number of units

Chemical means for a stop of bleeding (bandage hemostatic tamponing with

Scissors for cutting clothes and shoes (atraumatic), number of units

Individual sterile dressing package with elastic first aid compression

Polyethylene-based thermo blanket 160 cm wide and 210 cm long, number

Gel-based occlusive thoracic bandage (sticker) (with or without valve),

Blue waterproof marker for the application of information, number of units

Nasopharyngeal airway (airway, tube) with lubricant, number of units



Mixture for breastfeeding for children more than 6 months of age, gram

Mixture for breastfeeding for children under 6 months, gram

Fruit puree (baby food), gram

Vegetable puree (baby food), gram

Meat puree (baby food), gram

Diapers size 5, number of units

Diapers size 4, number of units

Diapers size 2, number of units

Diapers size 1, number of units

Diapers size 3, number of units


Elements of protective clothing

Helmets (protection class no less than 2, 2a), number of units

Bulletproof vest (protection class no less than 4), number of units




Type C ambulance (unarmored)

Evacuation vehicle (armored)

Off-road vehicle (four-wheel drive)

Transport for outpatient visits of doctors

12. Biocides (disinfectants, rodenticides, insecticides)

Priority 1 

Means for on-site disinfection and decontamination of water

Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets

Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

Potable Aqua® with PA+ Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

Disinfectants Sodium hypochlorite solution Cl active

70% Ethanol




Special drugs and immunobiologics

Inactivated rabies vaccine

Hepatitis A vaccine

Oral Polio Vaccine, 10 dose

BCG vaccine, 20 dose

MMR vaccine, 2 dose

Hepatitis B vaccine, 1

DT vaccine, 10 dose

Td vaccine, 10 dose

Hib vaccine, 1 dose

DTP-Hib-HepB-IPV (6-in-1 vaccine)

Rabies vaccine

Injection syringes

Dilution syringes

Safety boxes for the disposal of used sharps and materials

Botulism Antitoxin Heptavalent (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) - (equine)

Diphtheria Antitoxin (equine)




Testing for highly dangerous pathogens

PCR and ELISA test-system for the detection of especially dangerous
pathogens, various infectious diseases (the list of pathogens and types of tests will be provided separately)

Rapid antigen tests for the identification of especially dangerous pathogens,
various infectious diseases (the list of pathogens and types of tests will be provided separately)

Test kit Colilert-18

Test kit Enterolert DW

Test kit Enterolert Е

Test kit Legionellalert

Set of plastic nozzles for a magnetic head to the KingFisher 96 system, 100

96-well tablets (for CFX Biorad)

96-well tablets (for Quant Studio 5)

Optical sealing film for tablets, CFX Biorad

Optical sealing film for tablets, Quant Studio 5

Eppendorf test tubes, 1.5 ml (500 pcs/pack)

Universal transport medium for PCR sampling (for detection of pathogens of

Probes for biological sampling

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 100 µl (in boxes of 96

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 200 µl (in boxes of 96

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 1000 µl (in boxes of 96

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips without filter (yellow), 200 µl (in

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 300 µl (in boxes of 96

Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 10 µl (in boxes of 96

Universal pipette tips without filter, 300 µl (in boxes of 96 pieces)

Universal pipette tips without filter, 1000 µl (in boxes of 96 pieces)

Quanti-Tray system (51 wells)

Quanti-Tray system (97 wells)



Alizarin complexone, kg

Potassium sodium tartrate, kg

Lanthanum nitrate, kg

Manganese chloride, chemically pure (CP), kg

Murexide, kg

Tin chloride, CP, kg

Sulfosalicylic acid, CP, kg

Chromium eriochrome blue black, kg

Ammonia 25%, pure, L

Acetonitrile, CP, L

Butyl acetate, L

Hexane, CP, L

Ethylene glycol, CP, L

Isoamyl alcohol, L

Glacial acetic acid, particularly pure, L

Chloroform, L

Argon, L



Hydrochloric acid, CP, L

Sulfuric acid, L

Standard titer Potassium permanganate, packs

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